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Cretaceous Concession Menu

When your belly starts to ROARR... look no further than our Cretaceous Concession to ease your hunger. Choose from snack favourites such as Pizza, Hot Dogs, Popcorn or Chips. Also, quench your thirst with our range of sodas and juice boxes.

We also have items such as ice-creams, popsicles and coffees available!

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NEW! Tar Pit Cafe

Tar Pit Cafe (1).png

Take a break from your prehistoric adventures and treat yourself to a delightful array of coffees, teas, baked goods, and other options at Jurassic Forest's very own Tar Pit Cafe. 

Whether you're fueling up for your next dinosaur encounter or simply craving a cozy moment amidst nature, the Tar Pit Cafe invites you in to warm up or cool down so you can explore some more! 

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